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Safety Inventory

Perspectives from Hofstede Insights Multi-Focus Model™

How To Use Psychological Safety To Drive Creative Productivity in the Workplace

Building a culture of innovation and productivity starts with creating a psychologically safe workplace. Learn how to measure and enhance psychological safety using the Hofstede Insights Multi-Focus Model™ and the Psychological Safety Inventory in our new report. Download the demo today and take the first step towards shaping your organization's culture of innovation!

Creating a psychologically safe workplace is essential for businesses that want to foster innovation, creativity, and productivity. As we defined previously, psychological safety refers to creating an environment where employees feel safe and comfortable taking risks, asking questions, and contributing their ideas without fear of negative consequences. When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work, which can lead to better performance, increased creativity, and higher job satisfaction.

What you will find in the Report

  • A clear understanding of how your organization's practices are impacting the psychological safety and what emotional preferences your employees and team members have in this respect.
  • Visualized level of psychological safety that is required by your organization's strategy, which will help you determine the optimal trust and accountability structure that needs to be established.
  • An awareness of the granular changes required in your organization's practices to increase trust, accountability, and psychological safety, which will help to enhance the overall performance of the organization.

Use the sample report to understand how the elements of trust and accountability work together to create psychological safety at work, and how you can measure that in your organizations.

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