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Identify your Culture Gap

Our four-step methodology aligns your strategy and culture. Each stage can be conducted independently or consecutively depending on your organisation’s requirements

Step 3: Identify the gaps between Actual & Optimal organisational culture - Workshop
Highlight the enablers and inhibitors to change each group / sub-culture has

Now that you have measured your Actual culture and defined your Optimal culture, the next step is to see how far they are from each other. This is what we call the gap analysis.

By identifying the gap between your Actual and Optimal organisational culture, you will be able to design a strategic map road to achieve your goals with the help of our experts.

Hofstede Insights will upload your Optimal culture to our Organisational Culture Scan which will generate the below analysis:

  • Actual v/s Optimal Analysis
  • Actual v/s Desired Analysis
  • Change Readiness Analysis
  • Identifying Pains & Gaps

Based on the Gap Analysis report and debrief, our expert will facilitate the development of a detailed action plan for Culture Transformation.