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Define your Optimal culture

Our four-step methodology aligns your strategy and culture. Each stage can be conducted independently or consecutively depending on your organisation’s requirements

Step 2: Define your Optimal culture - Workshop

What is an Optimal organisational culture?

An Optimal organisational culture is how the overall organisation NEEDS to behave and go about doing their work in order to be ready-to, and enable the delivery of the strategic goals.

In order to determine what is your Optimal organisational culture, our experts will help you discuss your organisation's goal that can range from:

  • driving innovation,
  • ensuring a successful M&A,
  • increasing your presence in the market,
  • driving breakthrough sales,
  • stabilising your organisation after an M&A, or after a rapid growth,
  • getting people to be more cost conscious

Our experts facilitate the alignment of the six Hofstede Insights Dimensions of organisational culture and co-design the Optimal organisational culture to your strategic goals.


Dimension 3: Control & Structure

Easy going vs. Strict work discipline