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C-Suite Culture Program

Virtual Workshop

May 19, 26, June 02, 2022

What every Board Director and C-Suite Leader need to know about leveraging culture strategically

The workshop, tailored for Board Directors and C-Suite Leaders, will focus on practical aspects of working with culture strategically.

In this 3 half-days workshop we will discuss in depth how senior members of an organization can leverage, measure, and transform culture successfully to increase performance and boost innovation. How does culture condition rolling out ESG frameworks and implementing digital transformations? And how should DE&I programs fit in the overall strategic picture

Purpose and Outcome

During the program participants will learn:

Who should attend:
  • Board Members & Advisors
  • C-suite members

Day 1:

Strategy & Culture

May 19, 2022
10:00AM - 1:30PM GMT+4

Culture eats strategy for breakfast” as Peter F. Drucker would say. But why exactly?

In Day 1 we will explore several vital questions around that statement, and why the culture of your company always determines success regardless of how effective your strategy may be.

  •  What is culture and what is the link between culture and strategy: While strategy defines direction and focus, culture is the habitat in which strategy lives or dies.
  •  Does culture drive strategy and what happens when culture meets strategy
  •  Types of culture and their business consequences
  •  The Effect of Organizational Culture on Decision Making

Day 2:

Leveraging Cultural Diversity

May 26, 2022
10:00AM - 1:30PM GMT+4

"WHAT managers across the world are doing is the same
HOW they do it – that depends on their tradition and culture".

In Day 2 we will find out how measuring national culture can be instrumental in enhancing organizational performance and employees' engagement reaching beyond typical DE&I work.

  •  What are the six dimensions of national culture and how these dimensions distinguish countries (rather than individuals) from each other.
  •  How to use the Culture Compass ™ to assess individual preferences and your own cultural programming: Am I really a typical Emirati, German, Lebanese….?
    What pitfalls can I expect interacting with other nationalities
  •  Defining culture diversity and how to successfully manage it and gain its full value in the workplace
  •  The role of National culture in shaping the managerial decision-making & style

Day 3:

Transforming Culture Effectively

June 02, 2022
10:00AM - 1:30PM GMT+4

Mahatma Gandhi is often credited saying: “Be the change you want to see in the world” Start by changing the behavior of the key people in your organization and others will follow.

Day 3 will be devoted to diving deeper into definition, importance, and transformation of organizational culture

  • Organizational culture
    • What is organizational culture and can we really measure it
    • Relationship between organizational culture, national Culture, and leadership behavior
    • The influence of organizational culture on employees' satisfaction, and engagement
  • Culture transformation
    • Understand the culture you already have in your organization, see how far it is from what you need it to be in order to achieve high performance, and plan a successful and sustainable transformation
    • How understanding the “Golden Triangle” helps shaping culture transformation and managing its risks
    • How to accelerate cultural transformation through shaping leaders’ behavior

Program Speakers


A Leadership & Culture subject matter expert who engages with local and international client organisations, boards and leaders as an executive coach, leadership and Organisational Culture consultant, leadership, culture and board assessment consultant and advisor to the board of directors, with over a decade of experience across the leadership spectrum.

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Piotr joined what is now Hofstede Insights in 1995. His professional interests are visual strategising as well as designing and implementing deep transformations in organisations. He has over 25 years of experience gained from various areas and cultures.

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